Monday, May 15, 2006


For the very first time, "Angel" went down for bed without a peep. It's a good thing, too, because she had about used up her good karma for the day.

The Wife absolutely HAD to go run some errands today. "Angel" came with a Personal Care Assistant (PCA) warranty, but the paperwork is horrendous to get it, so a month later there is still no relief in sight.

And let's be clear..."Angel" is far, far better than we were expecting given the doom-and-gloom description we were given of her--never believe what they tell you about a placement until you see it with your own eyes because it's almost always insultingly wrong--but at least for the near-to-midterm future, she is a special needs kid. She takes a lot of care, and she takes the wind out of our sails each day, particularly The Wife, who is bearing the brunt of her behaviors.

Such was the case on the errands she had to run. Understand that The Wife isn't strong enough to carry her very far or lift her in awkward positions. Heck, I barely am. She's not obese, but she is chunky and big-boned, and she's an expert at the limp-noodle/dead-weight technique. Today she had to drop lunch off for her stupid husband who forgot it this morning. As she arrived at her stupid husband's place of employment her husband thankfully saw her pull in and met her at the car, because "Angel" unbuckled herself as they were pulling in.

The worst was yet to come.

On the way back toward home and the other town where she had to run more errands, "Angel" unbuckled herself on the highway. The Wife had to stop the car, get out, almost get run down, go around to the other side of the van and discover that "Angel" had climbed into the front seat. When commanded to come back and get buckled in, she fell back on the screaming, her trusty standby. I'm sure The Wife could put her in her place with some truly world-class screaming one of these days, but I guess she's not quite there yet. I'd love to be a fly on the wall when it happens, though, because I think "Angel" has a surprise in her future, scream-wise.

Then into the pharmacy, where she ran away, down the aisle, collecting lots of goodies before The Wife could put a halt to her larceny. The desk clerk apparently had been in that position or else just wanted the kid out of her sphere of influence, because she expedited the order. Outside and the kid takes off again.

And so it went. Someone recently remarked to my beloved that she deserves a halo. I concur.

But, she will be shocked and appalled to read and/or hear, "Angel" was, in fact, a true angel at bedtime tonight. I think my eardrums sprained themselves bracing for the typhoon that never came. But I'll live. Unless The Wife decides to destroy me just out of plain frustration at my good luck tonight.



At 9:42 AM , Blogger Garrent said...

Maybe your good wife might look into one of those toddler leashes I see every once in a while.


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