Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Of an Evening

I just wrote half a post about the minutae of daily life, realized it was boring enough to put a cheerleader on crack to sleep, and erased it in the interests of not being the most boring blog in Blogsville.

I'm still in the afterglow of yesterday's victory. The sky is darkling, the moon is out, the weatherman promised thunderstorms and it looks like the western sky may be getting ready to deliver.

The deck is done, the dogs are restless, the breeze is freshening, the iced tea is calling my name and James Ingram is crooning to me on the radio. "Angel's" in bed, Josie is at her Mom's, and The Wife is hiding out in the bedroom.

I'm going to sit on the deck, set the radio next to me, lean back and reflect on the average rainfall in Paraguay, or perhaps the standard deviation of 1999 SAT scores for bisexual Brazillian immigrants, or maybe just the way the tips of the trees are swaying back and forth.

And watch the stars--or the lightning, whichever-- appear. Yes.

Hope you're loving life like I am. And now Annie Lennox is telling me what Sweet Dreams Are Made Of. If you'll pardon me, I don't want her to think I'm not paying attention. The deck beckons.


At 7:22 AM , Blogger Julie said...

Enjoy! You deserve a break!

At 6:51 AM , Blogger Tamara said...

We do have "it all", don't we? What a blessing it is to be foster parents.


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