Monday, May 15, 2006

TV Trouble

I must have reception problems with either my TV or my satellite dish.

I say that, because I felt like watching some music videos tonight. No problem...that's why I got satellite service, so I could watchs stuff like that from time to time. Switch to MTV. They had some bad rap crap on, and I barely consider good rap to even be music. It's more of a hopped-up summer camp fireside chant with slutty girls dancing around.

Switch to MTV2. Some lame "reality" show that resembles reality in exactly no ways that I can recognize.

Switch to VH1, which has always been where I go when nowhere else that's supposed to be showing something to do with music is showing anything to do with music. There is Hulk Hogan...doing nothing of interest. It's actually rather depressing to see him in a real-life situation instead of in a pair of tights threatening to knock some slob's block off.

So I give up on music since none of the three music channels I pay for is showing music and instead decide to catch some sports. Maybe some baseball is on. ESPN? Some dorks talking about baseball. ESPN2? More even dorkier dorks talking about golf. Golf! ESPN3? Paintball championships. I didn't even know they had the playoffs...though I did find a new name for my fantasy football team next year. I shall be the Naughty Dawgs.

This exact situation is why God took mercy on us and created DVD players.


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