Wednesday, October 18, 2006

The Man Who Loved Women

That's me. I've always been a sucker for most females.

Oh, sure, there's always the sexual attraction to females around my own age. I won't deny that I like to look at a pretty woman. Any man who denies that is either gay or a liar. But by no means is my love for women confined to sexual attraction, or to women my own age.

When I was a kid, I usually felt more comfortable hanging out with my female cousins than my male cousins at family gatherings. When I was with adults at such functions, it was usually aunts more than uncles.

When I was at college, I enjoyed hanging around with girls, though that was probably back to the sexual attraction thing.

Now that I'm a foster dad, I'm absolutely entranced with my foster daughters...and tonight was a perfect example. "Jenny" wanted to go and get a wig for her halloween costume. She sweet-talked me into taking her. She's very good at that, and as I've said I'm a sucker for a pretty face.

The dollar store was closed when we got there, so we went to Pamida instead. They didn't have the kind of wig she wanted, so instead she sweet-talked me into going back to look at the toys. She eventually picked out several toys.

When we got up to the cash register, SUPRISE! She didn't have enough money. Big, brown eyes looking soulfully up at me, begging me not to make her take a toy back. Sigh. Did I say I was a sucker?

I said "well, you're broke now, aren't you." The girl behind the cash register helpfully piped up with a big, knowing grin: "Aw, that doesn't matter honey, you got what you wanted from him, didn't you?"

The girl clearly has suckered some guys in her time herself. She knew what it was all about.

Ah, well. I used to swear that I'd never be such a sucker for women that I'd let them walk all over me. Then I realized that who was I kidding, they could already walk all over me if they wanted to and I wouldn't say boo. So then I started just trying to only hang around with the girls/women that wouldn't take advantage of the fact that I loved them and/or was otherwise entranced by them. That seems to have worked for quite awhile now, especially since I found The Wife who appears to understand this affliction of mine and take it in stride.

Aside from Willy, I live in a house populated entirely by females right now, and I couldn't be happier.


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