Sunday, November 04, 2007

"Melanie" Explodes

Shortly after her shower yesterday, from what I understand, "Melanie" decided to take a nap. She awoke realizing the The Time Had Come. We received a call last night that she had gone into labor and was at the hospital. We finished up our pay-per-view movie and headed out to join her.

I became extremely fatigued by around 1:30 and, as I wasn't really all that eager to be in the delivery room during the actual moment and all that, I headed home for some shuteye. The Wife stayed till the bitter end, and witnessed her explosion and resulting healthy male, 7-pound-something-or-other shrapnel.

So I guess we timed the shower pretty well, eh?

As an aside, to my surprise, the boyfriend/sperm donor was actually there last night. Lest you get the idea that he had developed some honor, I should report a direct quote I overheard while he was talking to "Melanie's" sister and cousin: "hey, I'm just here to give her moral support." Way to go, champ. I'm sure you'll make a great dad. What a punk. The Honorable Order of Men should call a special meeting and hold a vote to revoke this little moron's penis license.



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