Thursday, November 15, 2007

Poor Attempt at a Dirt Nap

"Celeste" took it upon herself last night, when The Wife wasn't looking, to sneak into our bathroom and take a bunch of her pills. She then downed them, according to her, at around 9 last night. Of course, these pills were all-natural melatonin, but still it's pretty alarming. Lucky thing that "Celeste" is a moron, I'd say.

And it was hugely inconvenient...The Wife had to take the day off from work (she only works Thursdays at that job to begin with) and sit in the hospital while they grilled her to try to figure out if she was serious or not. Apparently they determined not, because she's back here tonight. I've decided to take a hands-off approach for this one. She'll talk to me if she wants to, but I know she's been through the wringer today and I don't feel like exacerbating anything. She's just plain been difficult lately and I'm in a funk of my own tonight. I just keep staring out the window or distractedly surfing web pages, looking for nothing in particular. I hate moods like this.

I'm not too worried about the girl, though. The pros seem to think she's alright, and I think if she had really meant it, she would have succeeded. She can be a dipstick, but she's not entirely stupid. Neither are we, which is why it would be really difficult to actually die from any of the medicines we have in the house in the quantities that we have them in. One of the downsides of providing foster care is that you don't really have the option of developing a nice bathroom pharmacy.

Whatever. I'm gonna mess around on the computer a little more and hit the rack early tonight. One more day left in the week. Wish me luck.


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