Thursday, October 19, 2006

Problem with "Melanie"

(See previous post for info on "Melanie")

"Josie" is home for a 2-day visit and "Melanie" is staying over tonight with us. We were having dinner and talking, and catching up with her, since we haven't seen much of her since "Josie" left. It turns out she's been getting into a relationship pretty heavy...and now she's having second thoughts.

See, her boyfriend asked her to marry him not too long ago. Apparently they thought they were, as my godmother used to say, "a little bit preggers". Oops.

Well, as it turned out, they actually weren't pregnant, and I never heard that she had ever said "yes" to his proposal, so I can only guess that she said something like "not yet", since I blieve they're still together.

The creepy part is that she revealed tonight that he's gotten very controlling, and he's started to do things to try to "cull her from the herd", so to speak. You know, isolate her. Make her dependent on him. Check up on her frequently whenever she's not right with him. Like that.

She's in a pretty vulnerable state right now, trying to figure out what she wants to do and be. The Wife has this vision of her staying with us and going to school. I have no idea what she should do...but getting into a pre-abusive relationship would not be tops on my list if I was wearing her shoes, and I wouldn't be against her staying with us for awhile if she was good about helping out around the house.

And so it goes. One more little drama woven into the edges of the tapestry that is our lives.


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