Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Update on Life

Yes, I know, I haven't been giving proper updates lately. This capsule will have to do...

First, the main reason I've been lax in posting is that my new job is taking extra time and especially extra effort to re-prove myself yet again. After that, working on the basement, trying to do a decent job of fostering and so forth, there just doesn't seem to be a lot of creative energy left to try to write.

The basement is going very well, really. Saturday we plan to cut out the egress window in the downstairs basement. I haven't been looking forward to that job, and those who have done any cement cutting probably know why. Lots of dust, lots of work, and it's just plain no fun. But we've got the window well dug and installed complete with gravity drain, the insulation is stripped off the inside and outside of the basement wall where the hole will go, and all systems seem to be go. We've also installed a refurbished counter in the "library" and created shelves to the ceiling above it. Lots of staining, hammering and whatnot but it's finished with solid oak and is a joy to behold. Part of that room is also now taped, finished and painted. Lots more of that in my future to finish the whole basement I guess.

"Tammy" went home, and will be back for respite care this weekend. She has missed a few days of school and it doesn't sound like it's going completely well, so we may see her back here. It doesn't seem she'd mind that too much, because when she left she gave us the following poem:


You walked into my life
Not knowing what was coming
What I expected least
You showed me what it's
Like to laugh
You took me in
When I needed the help
You helped me smile
When I didn't know how
I changed a lot
All because of you guys
You brought me up
When I was in tears
You helped me understand
That I don't have to die
To be happy
That I am loved
Thank you for everything
You're one of my favorite people.

Yep, folks. THAT is why we do it.

And now I think I'll get ready for bed. I'll try to write small chunks more often...but no promises for the next little while. I've got a bug in my ear to get the basement finished by spring, and of course work always seems to be a heavier load in the winter.

But it's all good, and I still love my life. Wouldn't trade it for anything.


At 12:40 PM , Blogger Julie said...

What a great poem! Sounds like ya'll are doing a great job! Kudos!


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